Handmade Stoneware for ☮ peace of mind

3 ways to a healthier lifestyle

Durand 12lt systems

Durand Stoneware
"The Original" 12lt Water Filter System

Fermentation Crock

Fermentation Crock
For making sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables.

Kombucha Jars

Durand Kombucha Jars
For continuous fermentation brewing.

The most effective and affordable way to ensure safe & great tasting drinking water. High fired stoneware is non-toxic and will not add any impurities to the water.

Berkey Filter System

British Berkefield Stainless Steel
Gravity Filter System

Durand One Of A Kind

Durand Stoneware
"Black Berkey w/PF" Water Filter System

Durand 15lt systems

Durand Stoneware
"Fluoride Reduction" 15lt Water Filter System

Replacement Filters

Supersterasyl Ceramic Filter Candles

Doulton Supersterasyl
Ceramic Filter Candles

Ultracarb Ceramic Replacement Filter Elements

Doulton Ultracarb
Ceramic Replacement Filter Elements

Berkey PF-4 Flouride Reduction Elements

Berkey PF-4™
Flouride Reduction Elements For Doulton Ceramic Only

Berkey PF-2 Flouride Reduction Elements

Berkey PF-2™
Flouride Reduction Elements For Black Berkey Only

Black Berkey Black Berkey

Black Berkey™
Purification Elements *NEW*

Visual size and shape comparison of our systems. From left to right "Durand Stoneware 9lt, Durand Stoneware 12lt, Durand Fluoride Reduction 15lt, Durand Stoneware Black Berkey 15lt"

Watch a master potter with 35 years experience, Bill Powell demonstrates production throwing of Water Filter bodies at Durand Water Filters Beechmont Queensland Australia. Using stoneware clay we produce up to 4,000 complete Water Filters each year.