Durand Stoneware
Water Filter Systems

"The Natural Choice."

Made with lead free non toxic glazes

Domestic "Gravity" Water Filters,
Ideal For The Home, Office, Gym.....

Designed to filter and store your drinking water. Complete with tap, ceramic filter, instructions & pedestal

Download the Instructions ... HERE

12 Litre Capacity

Approx. 48-50 cm high and 24-25 cm wide

Doulton Ceramic Filters Will Remove at least:-

  • 95% of Chlorine
  • 99.999% of Harmful Bacteria
  • 99.999% of Amoeba
  • 98% Suspended Solids
  • 99.999% of Giardia
  • 99.999% of Cryptosporidium

    Particulate Reduction

  • 0.9micron>99.99%
  • 0.5micron>99.9%
  • 0.2micron>98%.
Why do we need to filter our drinking water?
Town or municipal water can contain variable levels of contaminants such as chlorine,
bacteria, cryptosporidium, giardia, rust etc.
Private water supplies such as wells, bores, springs, streams and rainwater tanks have not been treated so can easily be contaminated with bacteria, cryptosporidium and giardia.
Any water can contain large amounts of unwanted impurities such as mud, silt, rust, etc. The pipes carrying and supplying the water may be adding impurities as well.
Click on image to enlarge & to order with your credit card Each piece of our water system is handmade on a potters wheel and then hand finished and decorated. There will be a variation of size, shape, colour and design, which ensures each system is uniquely individual. The ocean inlay designs also vary with each system and come in a variety of sea themes including shells, fish, turtles and seahorses. 12 litre systems hold approx.3 litres of unfiltered water in the filter container and stores approx.8-9 litres of filtered water in the storage container. Approximate size 48-50 cms high and 25-27 cms wide.

Combining the natural beauty of hand thrown stoneware with the most trusted name in ceramic filtration, Doulton.

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Blue/Black Bamboo

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Seamist Stone

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White Stone

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Oatmeal Stone

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Floral Wreath

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Blue Lagoon

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Blue Ocean **

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White Ocean **

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Red Rooster *

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Gloss White

* The Glaze on the Red Rooster has a naturally occurring crazing in the finish. This may become more noticeable with time, but will not effect the durability or function of system.

** The Ocean inlay range comes in a variety of sea themes including shells, seahorses, turtles, fish etc. Each system is uniquely individual.

Click on image above, to enlarge & to order with your credit card. Prices INCLUDE postage (AUS Post) & handling
12 litre system with Doulton Filter

Steel tap for use.

Now with Stainless Steel Tap.

S.E. Qld.
Qld & NSW.
ACT & Vic.
Tas, WA, NT

Beechmountain Pottery -- Beechmont -- Gold Coast
Queensland .... Australia

Durand Water Filter Systems are a healthy, attractive, benchtop, domestic water filter system, ideal for home and the office, that stores cool GREAT tasting drinking water at an affordable price.

Our Australian made water filter systems use a replaceable & affordable "Doulton" ceramic, & activated carbon filter candle which removes unwanted impurities from your water supply.

Durand Water Filters are gravity fed and do not require any electricity or plumbing, and are NOT a "fixed installation", so they are easy to move and clean.

Durand stoneware water filter systems are all hand made and decorated at "Beechmountain Pottery" on the "Beechmont" plateau in the Gold Coast Hinterland, just 40 minutes away from the Gold Coast, and a little over an hour from Brisbane, here in 'sunny' Queensland, Australia.

Made with lead free glazes, Durand Water Filters are the perfect non-toxic way to filter your own water. They make an attractive and healthful addition to any home, office or workplace.

The Durand Water Filters are designed to fit all major brands of ceramic replacement filters, we presently choose to offer the Durand Water Filter system fitted with what we consider the world's best ceramic filter element, the "Doulton Ceramic Filter Candle"

Producing Clean, Safe Drinking Water.
(for less than 2 cents a litre
with NO installation costs)

The "Durand Water Filters" stand approximately 480mm to 500mm high, and 250mm to 270mm wide.